Dytec/Midwest Electronics Manufacturers Represented

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Programmable AC / DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads
DC Power Supplies; 375 W to 320 kW
AC Power Sources; 250 VA to 1 MVA
Programmable Electronic DC Loads
Reflex Power Chassis with modules for AC, DC and Loads
NEW - Water Cooled Power Supplies & Loads
Software for Avionics, IEC compliance and EMC Immunity Tests
Custom Solutions and Power System Integration Services
Terrestrial Solar Array Photovoltaic Simulators

Astronics Test Systems

Home of Racal Instruments™, Talon Instruments™ Kinetic Systems™ and Tabor Electronics products.
Integration:  Build-to-print and Turn-key systems.
Logistics:  Performance-based logistics, training, parts support, Obsolescence Mgmt.
New Talon T940 - High-speed digital testing system for both legacy replacement & new
test stations for sub-system or fully Integrated systems.
Software:  Instrument drivers, system software, application-specific software, TPS’s.


    Reverberation Test Systems, Measurement Software

Coherent Solutions

    High Performance Test and Measurement Instruments for High-Speed Optical Communication


Automated Scan Solutions for EMC & Thermal testing, providing pre-compliance data to significantly reduce design time.



    Modular Data Acquisition Hardware & Software Instruments for R&D, Recording and Signal Conditioning Dewetron solutions are considered best of available in the field focusing on the core sectors of automotive, transportation, power and aerospace as applied to physical measurement from sensors: strain, acceleration, temperature, force and more.



    AC Power Conditioning, EMI/RFI Filters, Surge Protection
    Sequenced Power Up
    Orderly Shut Down

Thermo Scientific

ESD, EMC and TLP Test Systems
Modular & Expandable ECAT & EMC Proplus EMC Simulators Systems
test platforms for Surges, EFT and Dip & Interrupt testing
concurrent with all existing ESD Standards.
Lightning Test System



Provides an out-of-the-box, complete, dynamic software platform for all your test operations.
 Supports NI Lab VIEW, NI TestStand, ATEasy, C#, C++, Visual Basic, Matlab and Python.
Acquire.  Analyze.  Adapt.  Advance


    Wideband Single & Multi-Phase Power Analyzers
    Ballast Analyzer Test Systems , DC Voltage/Current & Thermocouple Calibrators & Phase Angle Voltmeters.

Product Offerings

  • Automated Test Solutions
  • AC & DC Power Supplies
  • Signal/Waveform Generators
  • Calibration Standards
  • Multi-Path Fading Generators
  • RF/Microwave Sources
  • Time & Frequency Products
  • BERT/PBRS Generators
  • PCB Troubleshooters
  • AC/DC Electronic Loads
  • Power Analyzers/Meters
  • Hi-Resolution Scanners
  • Build to Print ATE
  • Function/Arb Generators
  • General Purpose Equipment
  • Current Sensors
  • Power Distribution for ATE
  • Switching Systems
  • AOI/X-RAY Systems
  • Reconditioned/Rental Test Equip
  • Test Sys Integration Services
  • Cal Lab Automation
  • GPS Receivers

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